Metro Film Festival puts your movie on TV

We stream most ANY GENRE MOVIE OR TV-SHOW…And in October 2023 we joined up with Rlaxx TV (aka Whale Eco in Europe/Asia/Africa.) This is the destination for Comedy, light-drama, and other light-hearted television programming. If you produce family-friendly content, then this is the place for you.

Contact Dean or submit your film via the Fest to get your content streamed on RlaxxTV, Roku, and Amazon FireTV.

Distribution and promotion of indie film/TV-shows.

In addition to streaming on connected TV, this year we continue our partnership with our Broadcast partner’s in 30 US markets. Their reach is over 40 million. Over-the-Air (Antenna TV) is much like the old “rabbit ear” TV, but it’s digital, and HD or UHD quality. If you submit your film/show to us, and it does well on our Roku or FireTV channels, then we will consider it for broadcast. (Below is a Snapshot from our presence on RlaxxTV.)

And if our broadcast partner says your content is doing well, then when/if you like we can talk about the production of more content whether it be a one-off or a series. We’d love the opportunity to help you syndicate your content through our broadcast partner AND other distribution venues. (OTA syndication is something we do on a case by case basis, talk to Dean on FB or at the monthly Royal Starr film mixer’s in Hazel Park, Michigan. Events are listed on Facebook under Royal Starr Community Film Mixer.)

About CTV or “Connected TV” on Smart Television’s and TV-App’s

Our Roku and FireTV presence has expanded since we started in 2015.

We started with independent VOD films on our first channel: Movies Plus on FireTV. Now we stream Indie films from our Metro Film Festival, and we have “live” channels that run 24/7.

In 2016 we expanded to Roku with MPTV (Movies Plus TV) at this link on Roku. Movies Plus channels are cornerstones in our organization.

The Movie Network (TMN) is our second largest channel on Roku. And we have Niche channels on Roku that target audiences, and these are changing from a VOD to an all Live broadcast this year. (So please check our channels every week to see our updated content-feed.) Here’s the links for two of our favorite Niche channels: “Badass TV” only on Roku (for Boxing and Sports fans.) Also “ArtHouse Movies” is geared towards Filmmakers and film festival attendees — again only on Roku.


Fast aka Live and “Simulated Live” Television

We’re adding more “FAST” channel partners! You’ll find the selection of “Sub-Channels” is expanding this year. Tune into any of our Roku and FireTV channels, and you’ll find everything from Mavericks Baseball to Sci-Fi favorites like “Logan’s Run” and “Dreamscape.”

Studios, and Streaming Platforms, we’re very open minded and we’d love to talk about partnerships.

Our broadcast (syndication) partners do content buyouts quarterly, and we look for family friendly films because our content must be FCC (Free Antenna TV) tolerant.

How the Metro Film Festival helps filmmakers get exposure

Metro aims to help filmmakers get exposure and distribution for their films. No matter what your release window is, we are here to help you. Trailers and Teasers are always free to submit and we offer entry fee waivers whenever possible. (Note that our first quarter of 2024 has fees as low as $7 – yes, 7 dollars!)

Below is a snapshot taken from our film festival. The article was taken from a newspaper. It writes of Alex, an indie filmmaker who streamed his film on our Movies Plus Amazon Fire TV channel for 6 months. Alex is a proactive filmmaker. He took the Movies Plus statistics to a venture capitalist who decided to finance the filmmaker’s next feature film. Alex may be a little more driven than some filmmakers, and his success proves to you that determination and good filmmaking skills can lead you to distribution on services like Hulu. That’s right, Alex’s film(s) made it to Hulu. We’d like to think that you can do so too!

Apple Pie Films, LLC uses FilmFreeway for our Metro Film Festival. The MetroFilmFestival is a great way to get your film/show on Television. Click on over to FilmFreeway and enter your film, we’re judging films every month. It’s always free to submit trailers, and you may ask us for a film submission fee-waiver for movies, TV-shows and webisodes. Also soon you’ll see links to our partners who are hosting films at Michigan film festivals. Look for more information on area festivals and events like Metro sponsored film-screenings.

A personal note…

Indie filmmakers, at Metro we are film advocates including Dean Lachiusa, who is one of our curators and a cinematography buff. If you are thinking about a film festival campaign or film or TV-program distribution please reach out to us. We’d love to hear about your work.

Winners at the Festival Party

If you’d like to directly talk with Dean Lachiusa, then please reach out to Dean on Twitter @Dean_Lachiusa or FB (

Our Connected TV website is here:

The Metro Film Festival is represented on FilmFreeway, enter your film, web-series or TV-show here (trailers are usually free.)

A reminder: Metro is open to giving FREE submissions to indie filmmakers like you, just ask for an Entry Fee Waiver.

REMINDER: Filmmakers/Studios might like to ask Dean about how you may get your film or TV program Streamed or Broadcast on one or more of our OTA or Connected TV Channels…We accept most formats including Promotional Featurettes and Proof of Concepts, and most genres (horror is limited to Roku and Fire.)