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Metro is dedicated to supporting Filmmakers with Promotion, Screenings, and Distribution. 

Helping Filmmakers, That's Our Mission.

"Take the Metro." That's something often heard everyday, across the globe in cities like Boston, Chicago, LA, London, New York, Sydney, and Vancouver. A Metro is a system that helps people get from a starting point to an endpoint -- it's a method to reach one's goals. And much like a fast moving train, The Metro Film & TV Awards help Filmmakers reach their goals by way of direct opportunities for recognition and publicity.

For example, this year we offer you the option to have your Trailer broadcast to over 500,000 of our subscribers on Amazon Fire TV and ROKU connected television channels.



Metro gives those who enter our Festival the option for free promotion on our TV Channels. If you like, we'll stream your Trailer or Teaser on our Roku and Amazon Fire TV Channels. This is FREE PUBLICITY for your film/show to over 500,000 Subscribers on "Connected TV." Check out a sample of our Connected TV-APPS on


Metro publicizes the Festival online through our Website, Social Networking, and to our audience of nearly 1 Million on our Android TV-App, CTV Channels, and "OTT" Smart TV.

Metro operates annual award events, seasonal contests, and monthly competitions.  We started 5 years ago doing Facebook Short-Film Competitions. From these contests, we produced (2) Films that are compilations of our Winning Videos.

We did this to help filmmakers get more exposure.  One of these films is our 60 minute "ZombiePix" movie, distributed by -- it's been downloaded about 15,000 times on Vodo, and streamed thousands of times on our TV-APPS.   Our 2nd film is called "Best of the Fest," a 30 minute movie composed of our Winning short films. Metro continues to broadcast that movie on our Roku Channel called "Film Fest Best" and our Fire TV channel "Movies Plus TV." 


Alexander Pimentel, Director of "Down River" streamed his feature film on Metro's Connected TV Channel, "Movies Plus" on Amazon Fire TV. After 6 months and 70,000 downloads, Alex shared the news with a Venture capitalist who agreed to finance Alex's next feature film. Read the article at the following link.

Winners party, Karim Missouri - Forever Mine

Karim Missouri: "A fairly new but extraordinarily graceful film festival. We had a great experience. Very professional team and a fair selection process. Looking forward to submit again with other upcoming projects." [Winner 2018]

Kevin Hogan: "Excellent communication and engagement. Thank you for a well run and productive award festival."  [Winner 2018]

Stephen Longhurst‎: "Happy award winner."  [Winner 2018)]

Patrick Devaney : "Loved having Impervia be a part of this. THANK YOU!!" [Winner 2018]

Chris Hall: "Excited to have our short film "This Day Sucks" as part of this festival. Really looking forward to the added bonus of distribution for additional exposure and potential network. Thank you for taking the time to put all this together!"  [Winner 2018]


The Metro TV & Film Awards are International* in scope and support most every type of content from across the globe. Metro accepts Nominations and Official Submissions online.

*Sorry, Metro cannot Translate multi-language films this year. The 2019 Festival is for ENGLISH speaking submissions only.

A content's Release Window(s) is not a determining factor for consideration in the Festival. Metro aims to encourage filmmakers, rather than looking for methods of exclusion.

This year our jury will award the best independent filmmakers through private screenings and/or a point system based upon viewership on Vimeo, Youtube, and other platforms such as TV-Apps.

There are no fixed number of awards. The "Best of the Fest" (aka Best of Show) winner (2019) will receive the prestigious Metro Statuette. Other category winners may contact our team to order an Award; manufactured to order, you pay the Production and Shipping costs.


Winning filmmakers (HAVE THE OPTION) to get your content distributed through our Connected TV Channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Our channels reach over 500,000 Subscribers currently, and we expect to reach over 1 Million Subscribers this year. To be clear, this is a Optional method of Distribution that we offer to you and negotiable after the Fest.


Quality and creativity are celebrated in several levels of awards including Metro's "Heart of Gold" "Best of the Fest" "Excellence in Filmmaking" "Films of Merit" "Special Recognition" and our "Audience Choice" Awards.

The Metro Awards (Trophies, Plaques, and Crystal/Acrylic-designs) are custom designed and quite exceptional in the Film and Television industry. These works of art...HONOR works of art in filmmaking.

Metro Awards are made in limited quantities by special order. If you so desire, you may purchase an Award, available for the cost of Production and Shipping.

Free Digital Laurels.  The Metro Laurels will be made available by download.

Optional, you may purchase a step up from the typical digital and printed Certificates...In order to help you promote your film or show -Metro offers Official Selection's and Nominee's your choice of custom made, hard-copy "Laurel Certificates." The materials we offer include: Crystal/Acrylic Plaques, Custom Etched Plaques, and/or Plaques covered with Gold Leaf. Again, these are produced (in limited editions your cost TBA.)

Additionally in limited editions, Stickers and Gold Laurel stickers are available to purchase (by special order) for commemoration and placement on DVD's and Ancillary products.

Please note that New products are being developed all the time, and Metro looks to offer ancillary items and keepsakes that will help filmmakers promote their work.

Winner, A Twist of Life by Gina Parris

Ivor Imcdamack: "Absolutely amazed to finally see the category Awards of Excellence for both 'Let it Go' directed by @sansuk87 [Sandeep Sukumaran] and 'The Click' directed by @sachinramdas [Sachin Ramdas] from the Metro Film and TV Awards in Detroit, USA and absolutely thrilled to See our talented director @sachinramdas win best direction for 'The Click'. God bless. More to come. More films to make. Here's to great filmmakers and to the super teams who made this happen."  [Winner 2018]

Biswanath Rath: "Such a memorable moment in the exciting journey of our Documentary 'Kotpad Weaving'! Received this beautiful Award from the festival authorities of 'Metro Film & TV Awards'! 1.5 years back, when we were shooting the documentary, all we wanted was to make the story of Kotpad Handloom known to the world. Today when the story gets recongised and awarded at USA, I think everyone associated with this documentary (directly/indirectly) has got a reason to cheer up, celebrate! Dedicating this award to 'Kotpad Dyers and Weavers'! Kudos! :) Tons of thanks Metro Film & TV Awards, Moviesplus Apps, Metro Film Festival! " [Winner 2018]


Lawyer speak!  You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Metro from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

You understand that Metro is not a traditional festival and Metro honors participants on a varied schedule (seasonal, monthly, annually and/or bi-annually) and deadlines are indicated on the Metro entry form. This unique event is an international awards competition.

Free digital downloads of Metro laurels will be made available. Note: Those who enter the Fest (ie: you, the filmmaker, a participant) are under no obligation to purchase any Award.

These terms are subject to change.


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Metro Film & TV Awards proudly accepts entries via, the world's best online submission platform. FilmFreeway offers free HD online screeners, unlimited video storage, digital press kits, and more. Click to submit with FilmFreeway.

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We encourage committed filmmakers to submit via FilmFestivalLife. With monthly subscriptions and pro accounts FilmFestivalLife is the smartest way to save money with a strategic approach. Join the platform where award-winning filmmakers and quality festivals meet.

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More than a Foreign Film Submission service, MoviBeta is the place for filmmakers who create great International content.

We're testing this new service, Click to submit

These are services that we are testing. If you don't have a (free) FilmFreeway acct, then you might like to test WFP or "Festival Focus."  And Metro is listed on - but they are not a Submission service.  


Thanks for taking step one, we'll contact you/filmmaker after we review the content.