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Metro is dedicated to supporting Filmmakers with Promotion, Screenings, and Distribution. 



Unconditional, by Davide Tomei,"Drama, Mystery",United States,01:40:00

Devil (Maupassant's Le Diable), by Kshitij Sharma,"Mystery, Drama",Feature,,01:20:00

Texoma, by Matt Jenkins,"Drama, Mystery",United States,01:18:00

Veda, by Matt Jenkins,United States,01:03:00

Sandow, by Alexander Cooper, Music Video, Short",United Kingdom,01:45:00

Parallel,by Alexander Cooper,Drama, Other",United Kingdom,01:19:00

Letters for Annie: Memories from World War II, by Joe McGee,,01:15:00


Impervia, by Patrick Devaney, Sci-Fi, Science Fantasy,United States,00:34:06

Hoop, by Robert Bell III,United States,00:46:25

Mousse, by John Hellberg,Sweden,00:60:00

Fragile World, by Anastasiya Starovoytova, Nature Documentary,Belarus,00:38:17

Thirteen One, by Kyle Couch,Documentary, United States,00:37:33

Jim O'Brien : Exorcist, by Paul Westbrook, Comedy, Horror, Mockumentary,Australia,00:36:55

Money is as innocent as the gun, by Chris,Colling,Documentary,00:42:45


Action - Winners

The Postman, by Francis,Lau,"Mystery, Crime",Short,Singapore,00:15:00

Let It Go,Ivor,Gracias,"Drama, Shortfilm, suspense",Short,United Arab Emirates,00:09:00

Heartbreak Hotel,by Aaron,Clarke,"Drama, Suspense,student-Short, 00:15:25

Near Miss,Erick,Muriuki, Short,Kenya,00:07:48

The Click,Ivor,Gracias,"Drama, thriller",Short,United Arab Emirates,00:01:00

Comedy - Winners

The Cliché,Ethan,Cappello,"Comedy, Romance",Short,,00:10:41

All Tied Up,by Kareem,McM,"Comedy, Romance",Short,,00:05:50

WELL DONE,Stephanie,Rose,"Drama, Comedy",Short,,00:08:34

Cowboy Joe,Jingjing,Tian,"Drama, Comedy, Dramedy",Short,,00:06:00

Butter Cup,Rathin,Rao, promotional-comedy,United States,00:10:00

The Wait,Fillipe,Lezo, Short,00:01:32

The Dos and Don'ts of Doomsday Cult Dating, by Claire Coe, Alastair Craig, AU, 3:29

The Elf,Ethan,Cappello,Short,,00:04:40

Trapped,Mohamed,Maged,"","Short, Student",Kuwait,00:02:43

Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy - Winners

Fish Hook, by Eric Monteiro,"Fantasy, Romance",Short,United States,00:18:59

Life of a Tree,Silvia Amancei,Bogdan Armanu,"Drama, Sci-fi","Experimental, Short",,00:09:35

Can You Hear Me? Diamond Abreu and William Mun, Horror, United States,00:06:16

The Wake,Rik,Gordon,"Horror, Irish, Fantasy",Short,,00:09:35

REAP,Anna,Hammill, Short,United States,00:02:40

Drama - Winners

After, by Aaron huisenfeldt and Joe saldana, Drama,Short,,00:10:14

The Nest,by Ryan,Atkins,"Drama, Thriller",Short,United States,00:17:43

Order of the Ages,by Kareem,McM,"Drama, Crime, Romance",Short,,00:10:07

Autophobia,Luke,Couch,"Psychological Thriller, Thriller, Drama",Short,United Kingdom,00:04:27

Life is Long,Adriaan,Hogervorst - de Jong,"Drama, Adventure,Netherlands,00:07:19

Addicted to Love,Inês,Sambas,"Drama, Queer","Short, Portugal,00:20:00


Anders (Something About Alex) by Reinout Hellenthal, Drama, FFlife, Netherlands, 18:33

Documentary - Winners

Tales of India,carlos,costa, Documentary,Portugal,00:04:13

"Dad, We are Your Children.",Keanna,Silva-Richards, Documentary, Short",Canada,00:14:35

The Hereafter,Jenna,Horn,"Religion, Fantasy",Documentary,United States,00:13:40

Eastgate, by Allen Forrest, Documentary,Canada,00:04:44

Kotpad Weaving : The Story of a Race Against Time,Biswanath,Rath,Documentary,India,00:28:46

Accident de Personne,Alvaro,Martin,"","Documentary, Short, 00:03:35

A Gift of Wings: The Pilots of Sebring,Ted,Snow,"","Documentary, Short",United States,00:08:30

InspirART,3amigos,3ntertainment, Short,India,00:05:00

Sorge 87, by Thanh Nguyen Phuong, Animation, Doc-Human rights,FFLife, Germany, 2018 10:23

Student Film - Winners

Once, by Максим Устюжанинов, Experimental, Music Video, Student,00:06:11

My Father,Yanina,Salerno,"","Documentary, Short, Student",Australia,00:07:07

His True Colours,Yanina,Salerno,"Documentary, Experimental, Short, Student",Australia,00:05:26

First Date,Ethan,Cappello, Short, Student",,00:02:43

Like Her,Michelle C.,Yu,"","Short, Student",,00:19:36

Road to Recovery,Michelle C.,Yu,"","Documentary, Short, Student",,00:10:31

Insomnia,Michelle C.,Yu,"Drama, Mystery","Short, Student",,00:14:44

Hindsight ,Oisin,reilly,"Social Realism, Drama","Short, Student",United Kingdom,00:11:05

Portsdown Park,Joseph,Serfaty,"","Short, Student",United Kingdom,00:14:59

Eileanóir na Rún,John,Whelan, Documentary, Student",,00:15:00

AFFOGARE (Drown),Marco,Berton Scapinello,"drama, student","Short, Student",Italy,00:17:17

Amontillado,Ethan,Cappello, Short, Student",United States,00:12:55

Psychosis,Tegan,Weir, Experimental, Short, Student",Australia,00:03:54

Pat and Joe,Ethan,Cappello, Student, Short",,00:05:32

Talking with Liza,Alexis,Gogoașă,"Drama, Experimental", Short, Romania,00:08:36

The Second Tour,Eric,Lorenz, Short, Student",United States,00:07:44

A Twist of Life,Gina,Parris,"",Student,United States,00:09:48

The Violin,Максим,Устюжанинов, Short, Student",Russian Federation,00:16:43

TV & Web TV, Pilots - Winners

The Frank Capra Story: A Wonderful Life by Gene Koprowski,Documentary,United States,00:26:46

Eye of the Empress, by sanjini bhakta, Short,,00:08:51

Shadow Wall,by Rita,Casman, Web / New Media,,00:12:57

That's Batman,by Paul,Westbrook, Homage,00:12:54

Ping-Pong, by Myles Hunt, Animation, pilot,web TV,United States,00:00:41

Non-categorized Genre or International Shorts - Winners

Intersection,Adolf,El Assal,"",Short,Luxembourg,00:09:59

Opportune,Jennifer,Irons, Short,Canada,00:12:00

The son,Hristo,Simeonov, Short,Bulgaria,00:28:54


Street Photographer,Denilson,Amorim, Short,Brazil,00:01:00

71 For Fun,Michael,Lugenbuehl, Short,,00:09:55

"That Girl, A wonderful Tale", by Anshuman,Shastri, Bollywood,India,00:12:11

Forever mine baby,Karim,Missouri, Short,United States,00:17:18

This Day Sucks,Chris,Hall, Short,United States,00:11:25

Green World,Cenk,Özakıncı, Short,Turkey,00:03:00

The Promise,stephen,longhurst,"",Short,United States,00:25:30

Callie,Anthony,Raus, Short,,00:14:19

Providence,David,Wayman, Short,United Kingdom,00:14:40

The Audition,Anthony,Raus, Short,,00:20:30

D.A.T.E,Sai deodhar,Anand,"",Short,India,00:13:10

Experimental, New Media - Winners

And around, by carlos costa, Experimental,,00:03:36

Wireman, by Csanad,Baksa-Soos,"Experimental",Hungary,00:02:30

O.C.D.,Jade,G.,"Romance, Drama, Poetry",Short,France,00:04:40

Landscape,Ken,Hess,"","Experimental, Short",United States,00:10:33

Divine Spell: VideoTonePoems™ Suite III, by Payson R.,Stevens,"Experimental, Short",,00:04:25

K.E.R.O.S.E.N.E poems from the planet,Jukka-Pekka,Jalovaara,Experimental,Finland,00:07:07

Nowhere,Olivia,De Camps,"","Experimental, United States,00:05:35

PARTY MAN ,Kayla,Drzewicki,Dance home video,"Experimental, United States,00:02:58

Accompagné de la pluie,David,Wilsom,"","Experimental, Short",,00:01:57

Flood,susu,laroche, Experimental, Short",,00:04:06

Web 2.0: VideoTonePoems™ Suite I,Payson R.,Stevens, Short",United States,00:06:41

New York City Sketchbook,william,hartland, Animation,,00:13:01

The Hand,kevin,hogan,Proof-of-Concept-Animation,,00:01:46

MEDIUM RARE,Luca,Cioci, Student-Animation, Experimental, Short,00:04:35

Shiny Penny- Ticket,Shelby,Price, Music Video,United States,00:04:27

Light,Ward,SevenFour, Short, Student",,00:05:16

Instagram Girl, by Paris DuPre,Music Video,,00:03:55


The Click,Ivor,Gracias,"Drama, thriller",Short,United Arab Emirates,00:01:00 (WINNER BEST DIRECTION)

Impervia by Patrick Devaney, Sci-Fi, United States, 34:06 (WINNER BEST LIGHTING EFFECTS)

Instagram Girl, by Paris DuPre,Music Video,,00:03:55 (WINNER BEST MUSIC)

Near Miss,Erick,Muriuki, Short,Kenya,00:07:48 (WINNER BEST ACTRESS, Mildred Sakina)

Butter Cup,Rathin,Rao, promotional-comedy,United States,00:10:00 (WINNER BEST TRAILER)

The Dos and Don'ts of Doomsday Cult Dating, by Claire Coe, Alastair Craig, AU, 3:29 (WINNER BEST COMEDY)

The Elf,Ethan Cappello,Short,,00:04:40 (WINNER BEST SCREENPLAY, Bloom/O'Connor/Cappello)

Trapped,Mohamed,Maged,Short, Student",Kuwait,00:02:43 (WINNER BEST NON-DIALOG FILM)

MEDIUM RARE, by Luca Cioci, Animated, Comedy, United States, FFLife, 4 :35 (WINNER BEST 3D/CLAYMATION)


JingJing Tian, Cowboy Joe - WINNER - MONTAGE IN A DRAMEDY

Adriaan Hogervorst - de Jong, Life is Long - WINNER - MORAL IN A SHORT


Green World - Cenk Özakıncı - WINNER - SPFX IN A SHORT

This Day Sucks - Chris Hall - WINNER - HOMAGE IN A SHORT

NOMINATED (Not Officially Selected through FilmFreeway)

Paul Scott-Vehicle Emotions Test, Short, Comedy Animation, 3:10



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Our mission is to help Filmmakers, serving you is our top priority.

"Take the Metro."  That's something often heard everyday, across the globe in cities like Boston, Chicago, LA, London, New York, Sydney, and Vancouver.  A Metro is a system that helps people get from a starting point to an endpoint -- it's a method to reach one's goals.  And much like a fast moving train, The Metro Film & TV Awards help Filmmakers reach their goals by way of direct opportunities for recognition and publicity of high quality films and new media.

The Metro Film & TV Awards is not a traditional Festival or Competition.

Metro has established itself as a uniquely positioned organization that offers a filmmaker worldwide exposure through awards, promotion, screenings, and distribution. Metro's mission is to help filmmakers who create outstanding entertainment achieve the positive publicity and credibility they deserve.

The Metro Film & TV Awards is an International competition that seeks out unique content of all Genres and types, including new-media. Metro discovers and honors those who produce high quality work.

Metro supports filmmakers during the season and long after a nomination or win. It promotes it's Nominees, Official Selections and Award winners through social networking, websites, and Android Apps. Additionally, Metro may stream trailers/promo-videos to publicize the Festival and its participants by means of Connected TV (CTV) channels (Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Smart TV.) The current reach is to an audience of over 425,000 subscribers.


Optional Distribution.

An opportunity for Distribution is offered through Metro's distribution partners. After a work has been submitted, and only (if) a filmmaker is interested, then Metro will consider the content for non-exclusive Distribution through one or more well established connected television platforms.

The audience reach for Metro distribution partners is predicted to be 1 Million in 2019. To be clear, this is an optional part of the Metro experience that is a merit based negotiation. If ready for distribution or CTV presence now, Email Metro, or phone and leave a voice-message (U.S.)

Online Distribution.

A filmmaker may submit Youtube content without negotiation or entering the Festival. Visit Metro on Youtube to easily add video to the Playlist, and if it has favourable ratings or total views, Metro will automatically add it to the "Movies Plus TV" Youtube-Android app.

A Success Story.

Alexander Pimentel, Director of "Down River" streamed his feature film on Metro's distribution partner "Movies Plus" on Amazon Fire TV.  After 6 months and 70,000 downloads, Alex shared the news with a Venture capitalist who agreed to finance Alex's next feature film.  Read the article at this link.

Where the filmmakers are from, and how do they get here.

The Metro TV & Film Awards are International in scope and support content from across the globe, and from every distribution-territory.  Getting on the Metro radar usually happens in one of three ways.

1.) Filmmakers find us through an Android App, Connected Television Channel (CTV) -- Internet, or word of mouth.  

2.) The Metro staff discovers a film on the Internet or at any number of Film Festivals.  

3.) A fan may choose to Nominate their favorite film/show through this website or social media.

What kind of media.

The Metro Film & TV Awards are an excellent venue for film, new and experimental media, television programs, TV Pilots, animation, educational programs, remixes & mashups, movie trailers, music videos, web TV programs and webisodes, featurettes and works in progress.

A content's Release Window(s) is not a determining factor for consideration in the Festival.  Metro aims to encourage filmmakers, rather than looking for methods of exclusion -- however, a Venue or Distribution partner may have limitations on nudity, graphic violence, and adult-language.

Judging and Award Levels.

Metro celebrates quality and creativity in several levels of awards including the Heart of Gold Awards, the Audience Choice Awards, The Best of Show, Excellence in Film, Special Mention, Films of Merit, and Special Recognition.

All Award Levels are curated by the Festival Director and additionally judged by seasoned professionals. Outside judges are appointed for review as needed. The Festival Director assures consistency among judges and the overall direction of the Festival.

Entries do not compete against each other. Instead, entries are judged against a high standard of merit and are scored using a point system.

A monthly and annual competition, no fixed number of awards are granted at any level but rather fluctuate based on the total number of entries received for each competition deadline. Next season's Best of Show winner will receive the prestigious Metro Statuette, and monthly participants may contact our team to order their Statuette or Plaque and pay the production and shipping costs. More...


Each submission received through The Metro Film & TV Awards website or any Metro film portal will be contacted via electronic mail to confirm entry.

The judges "result-letters" will be sent by email to all participants about two to six weeks after Judges have made their final decisions.

All participants are provided the opportunity to acquire statuettes, plaques, gold labels, and other keepsakes to commemorate their achievement.


•Media Kits are not required, however written comments describing entries, including Genre/type are helpful in English please.

•Submissions in other than English must be subtitled. 

•Multiple entries are allowed from a filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories. 

•The entry fee is currently TBA for early entries. Limited spots are available during the early entry period scheduled to expire TBA 2019. 

•Please provide an online link to your submission and be sure to include a password (if required.) Entries may be submitted by the online services. 

•Metro prefers fresh material, however release dates and previous distribution windows are not as important to Metro as the entertainment value of content.

The Metro Film & TV Awards (Crystals, Statuettes, Plaques and more.

The Metro Crystals, Statuette's and Plaque's are exceptional in the Film and Television industry.  These works of art honor works of art.   Covered* with your choice of Gold, Silver, or Brass the Statuette is manufactured by the company that makes some of the worlds’ most beautiful awards.  

A step up from standard printed Certificates, Metro offers Official Selection and Nominee Plaques in Gold Leaf* to all participants.  *Limited availability.  More...


1. Comply with the Preselection conditions.

2. As an Early-Entry, this qualifies you for very low cost submission fee.  Early entry-spots are limited, deadline is scheduled for TBA 2019.

3. A Nomination made on behalf of a Filmmaker will qualify for (point #2) but Metro will need to verify the Submission with the content owner.

4. If content is chosen as an Official Selection then Filmmaker must adhere to the Festival Rules as written herein and Metro TOS.

5. Online Submissions only.  No mail entries are accepted at this time.

6. The online form is for NOMINATIONS only.  Filmmakers must use a submission service to officially enter the Fest, METRO DOES NOT CHARGE A FEE!


Submit your film with FilmFreeway

Metro Film & TV Awards proudly accepts entries via, the world's best online submission platform. FilmFreeway offers free HD online screeners, unlimited video storage, digital press kits, and more. Click to submit with FilmFreeway.

Submit with Film Festival Life

We encourage committed filmmakers to submit via FilmFestivalLife. With monthly subscriptions and pro accounts FilmFestivalLife is the smartest way to save money with a strategic approach. Join the platform where award-winning filmmakers and quality festivals meet.

Submit your film with MoviBeta

More than a Foreign Film Submission service, MoviBeta is the place for filmmakers who create great International content.

A new partner is coming soon.

Another partner is coming soon. Metro aims to partner with those you trust, and those who are affordable.  We do NOT make a cent from Submission Partners or services like Blogs and other methods of referral.


Thanks for taking step one, we'll contact you/filmmaker after we review the content.